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Across the Dragon’s Maw Bay from Lyrah rests the large, and relatively unfortunate port town of Falle. Though the city had a real name once, that has long since been forgotten to history, now bearing the name Falle, the more colloquial side of “Fallen.”

Built atop a hungry swamp, Falle is known all across Escion as the least-fortunate city in the world, in sharp contrast to it’s sister across the Bay. Luck is hard to come by in Falle, and always runs out quickly. Those who arrive in town with money always find themselves inexplicably separated from it seemingly overnight, and even the most industrious of souls can’t ever seem to find a break here. It is said that “You don’t ever go to Falle, you just get stuck there.”

And indeed, many do. Its proximity to the Lyrah, as well as its open port, make it a stop along the way for many headed for the City of Jewels. However, as have so many others before them, many such travelers find themselves stuck in Falle, for one reason or another. A broken wagon wheel, a sick horse, a bad hand of cards—the reasons are as numerous as they are irrelevant: those who find themselves in Falle almost never make it back out.

The city’s bad luck has made it something of a haven for those who do not wish to be found. Deserters, outlaws, runaways, and escaped prisoners can all be found in any crowd, and most people don’t give it a second thought. Since so many in Falle never intended to stay, it is simply assumed of most new arrivals that their luck has run out, and no one ever bothers to ask many questions. The sad stories all start to blur together, after a while.

The last few generations has seen the MacManus family, a wealthy family that actually managed to hold onto to most of their fortune, take over and attempt to improve Falle. Though their efforts were met with resistance at first, the city learned to embrace them over time, and many in Falle have grown deeply loyal and gratful to the MacManus family’s genuine attempt to raise Falle’s quality of life.

When the Slavine Empire sieged the city 18 days ago, Shelley MacManus stood, and said her city would not bow. The city put up a valiant—but inadequate—defense, and Shelley was put to the sword for her defiance. Many in Falle view her execution as an inexcusable trespass, and swore to never join Slavine, even as the army occupied the city. Others consider her death an unfortunate necessity, hoping that the Slavnye family will do for Falle what the MacManuses could not. Regardless of opinion, however, Falle now lives under Slavine occupation, and life is changing dramatically because of it.


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