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Nestled comfortably along the southern coast of the Dragon’s Maw Bay, Lyrah is—and always has been—the crown jewel of Escion. For nearly a thousand years, Lyrah has led the continent in art, science, commerce, and military might. Occasionally, traders and travelers from the east speak of a city in Tesavene that rivals Lyrah, but so few in Escion make it across the sea, it may as well be a myth.

As the Lyrhic saying goes, “plant a copper, and it will blossom gold.” Money is easily found in Lyrah, and those who live there rarely want for anything—so the tales go. It is said that winters in the city are warm, summers are long, crops are bountiful, and even a shoe-shiner can feed his children with ease. Though there are skeptics who challenge Lyrah’s claims of prosperity and easy living, there seems to be little evidence to support their accusations.

And so—come spring—as the ice thaws and the roads grow safer, people from all across Escion begin their journey to Lyrah, in the hopes of finding a new, better life there. Escion is, however, filled with hazards and jealous lords, and few make it to the City of Jewels before winter returns; though that is not enough to stop people from trying.


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