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Slavnye is the ruling family of a tremendously powerful Empire—the Slavine Empire, which controls much of the land north and west of Lyrah. They are recognized for their vast wealth and military strength, and are attributed with causing the downfall of the Mercenary in Escion.

The Slavnye Family

The Slavyne family first rose to prominence when Mikhail Slavnye, a minor lord at the time, overthrew the ruling family of Silverkeep. Since then, the Slavnye family has ruled in Silverkeep, and has reaped the great rewards of controlling such centrally-located and resource-rich land. Sixty years ago, Lord Yuri Slavnye declared himself Emperor Yuri Slavnye, and announced that—in contrast to the other nations and factions of Escion—had his own standing army. He then marched his forces on the surrounding towns, and swiftly claimed them as his own.

Today, his grand-daughter, Empress Sascha Slavnye, carries his legacy forward. She presses the Slavine borders farther and farther outward with each day, and will be satisfied with little less than the complete conquest of Escion.

The Slavine Empire

The Slavine Empire is truly the most massive in the world, spanning from Hawkthorne to Ostborough, and as far south as Janholt. Its capital is Silverkeep, where the Slavnye family lives and doles out their edicts. Though their advantages are many, their greatest strength lies in their standing army, whose cruelty is matched only by its might. They have met and defeated nearly all of the Great Companies on the field of battle, and have yet to suffer any major defeats of their own.

It has been the subject of common knowledge for quite some time that Lyrah has remained the unclaimable prize for Slavine. Though all of Slavine’s other foes have fallen with relative ease, the Sentinels of Lyrah have kept the Empire out of the city for three generations, and have given no reason to believe that they will fail in the future. A rumor has begun to circulate that Slavine is planning for a major offensive that will crush Lyrah once and for all—though in response, Lyrah’s Council was quoted saying “Let them break against our stones. The Slavnye never have—and never will—set foot in Lyrah.”

Most recently, the Empire has occupied the city of Falle, after a short but brutal siege. Shelly MacManus, the Mayor of Falle, was put to the sword for resisting, and the Slavine General Yegor declared himself the leader of the occupation. Though some of Falle’s neighboring cities have spoken out in protest, nothing has yet been done about the occupation.


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