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The Annals

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Brief information on the prequels to Ironwatch, and some stories written to tease us before the game started.

Session 1 – 8 Feb 14
Characters are introduced, hired, and flee the city.

Session 2 – 15 Feb 14
Landing in Lyrah and starting our first job. Pavlo’s betrayal.

Session 3 – 22 Feb 14
Uncovering the mystery of a burned village, saving a spy, and accepting free contracts.

Session 4 – 02 March 14
Pushing back Slavyne recruiters and discovering Akhmatova’s horn.

Session 5 – 09 March 14
Stealing the horn and unraveling the Trouble of Failure.

Session 6 – 15 March 14
Curing the impossible, travelling to Tessavene, and reuniting with the Three.

Session 7 – 22 March 14

About This Chronicle

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Chronicles of Vulcanica

Throughout Ironwatch, the Characters will travel far and wide, and will see and do many amazing things. Because they are—in their hearts—heroes, the Characters will want their deeds remembered, to be shared with others after they have passed. This is where the Party Journal and the Personal Journals come into being.

The Party Journal is a chronicle that will share, from beginning to end, the story of the Party. It will begin with them in Falle, and will find its ending as Episode III draws to a close. It will be a mostly factual account, detailing names, dates, places, and recording (with perhaps a bit of embellishment, for the reader’s benefit) the heroics of the Party. The Annalist will be responsible for updating and organizing the Party Journal.

The Personal Journals are an in-depth look at the Characters of Ironwatch, offering a detailed study of each Character’s lives and personalities. Entries in the Personal Journals might be actual journal entries, but they might also be stories from earlier in the Character’s life, reflections on things that have come to pass, or a repository for their hopes and fears. Each Player will be responsible for updating their Personal Journal, though keeping them organized will be the Annalist’s duty.

Once they have the Wow. Such Reflection. So Memory. Achievement, Players can earn Badges by updating their Personal Journal (including the Annalist). Most entries will typically be worth 1 Badge, though particularly impressive or detailed ones can be worth more.

The Annals

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